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  1. Graviera Egagros –traditional Cretan cheese
  2. Kefalotyri Egagros –traditional Cretan cheese
  3. White brine cheese - Egagros –traditional Greek cheese
  4. Athotyros dry –traditional Cretan cheese
  5. Fresh Athotyros –traditional Cretan cheese
  6. Tyrozouli goat –traditional Cretan cheese
  7. Xinomyzithra –traditional Cretan cheese
  8. Galomyzithra (Pichtogalo) –traditional Cretan cheese



Cretan Gruyere

Cretan Gruyere is produced with fresh sheep’s and goat’s milk which is daily collected in the massif of  Rethymno. Cretan graviera is a hard cheese which requires 3 months of ripening before it is disposed for consumption. You can find it in various packages starting from 0.2 kg to 10 kg


Kefalotyri is a hard table cheese of cylindrical shape, which is produced traditionally by a mixture of sheep and goat’s milk It is an excellent table cheese with a pleasant sweetish taste and a rich flavor. Blocks from 1kg- 5kg

White cheese

in brine in packs 0.5kg, 1kg, 2kg and for wholesale in pails of weight  16-18kg and 6-8kg

 White cheese

Fresh Anthotyros:

This is a soft fresh cheese which is produced by the addition of fresh milk to whey, after the cheese-making of Gruyere (graviera).  It contains very little salt and it is a product of low fat content due to its great moisture.

Packs from 0.25kg-1.5kg

Dried Athotyros

The way of production of dry anthotyros is almost the same with that of fresh anthotyros. The basic difference lies in ripening, since by the addition of salt and assistance of time, anthotyros hardens and loses moisture. It is produced by a mixture of fresh sheep and goat’s milk.

Packs from 0.25kg-1.5kg)



It is a fresh soft cheese which is produced from a traditional recipe found in Chania of Crete. It has a soft creamy texture and a slightly sour taste. It is produced by pasteurized sheep and goat’s milk.