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You will find the dairy company "EGAGROS" in Rethymnon Latzima (former Municipality of Arcadi)
It started its operation in March 2012, with modern machinery and equipment at its own facilities without deviating from the traditional way of manufacturing products.

  • The products which are produced in Dairy company based on traditional recipes maintaining  the rules of  food safety as it is certified  HACCP 22000 system.


  • The traditional pure milk products manufactured in our dairy company is exclusively from fresh goat milk.  The maximum amount of milk can edit this dairy company  goes  up to 2 tones per day.
  •  The main characteristics  of the products is the  excellent quality, well presented and affordability of price.

The aim of the people of dairy company "EGAGROS" is the dynamic evolution of products in the Greek market, the continuous improvement of services and the expansion of our product range, with quality and respect for tradition, thus gaining your love and trust.


                                                            PRODUCTION - GUARANTEE OF QUALITY             


Raw material that we processed in our installations is constituted by 100% fresh sheep's and goat milk. This milk emanates exclusively from selectively ranches,  that are found in the mountainous of Psiloritis and wider region. The milk afterwards the milking is immediately collected and in few hours is transported in our factory.

The production of cheeses becomes in modern installations that fill the all requirements of advanced technology and the conditions of hygiene for the production of frail products.
The new building features storage and production areas, housing all the productive functions, storage facilities, offices, and ancillary facilities.

The excellent quality of products is achieved by daily checks at all stages, from the collection of milk up to the production of the final product. In addition to the internal audits, our company carries out external audits and sending the finished product samples for analysis to private accredited laboratories which apply ISO quality management systems.

The cheese ΕGAGROS unit is certified with ISO 22000: 2005.